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The Story

At Bragghaus, we thrive on the opportunity to use our creativity to help our clients bring their vision to life. Recently, we took on a project that was especially close to our hearts - a passion project that we created ourselves. We wanted to develop a nostalgic gas station brand that captured the essence of road trips and childhood memories of visiting Las Vegas. Our goal was to create a fully realized brand that would evoke feelings of fun and nostalgia for our customers with web design and merchandise.

INSPIRATION | mood board

We dug deep into the Pinterest boards searching specifically for nostalgic road trip Polaroids and good times from the good ol' days in Vegas.

poker chips
Design system for Three Sixtys
We used 3 fonts in this case beginning with Palanquin Dark for the large headers, Palanquin for the body, and Helvetica for any numeric signage i.e. gas prices.
Mockup of tshirt with logo
mockup of three-sixtys website
Life's a journey...
Polaroids are timeless and so are memories once they are captured. Three-Sixty's wanted to embrace every experience from point A to point B.
polaroid of friends on a road trip laughing
mockup of physical merch

Get gas, take a photo, call mom and buy a tee... or two!

Merchandise for card and game lovers with creative logo tees that represent a very eclectic gas station.