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How a career in the beauty industry evolved into design & tech...

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Jenna Herrington is a former and highly experienced hairstylist, barber, and salon owner with over 16 years in the beauty industry. Since her career starting in 2005 at Paul Mitchell, she has since devoted several years to honing her craft at high-end salons and traditional barbershops. Jenna's passion for hair and creative direction led her to travel to Lisbon, Portugal, where she worked at Wip Hairport, one of the most creative salons in the world. Throughout her career she has educated cosmetologists nationwide, and has acquired an impressive range of creative outlets while working alongside top stylists and published photographers.

Although the beauty industry had a lot to offer in creativity, it was lacking educating its demographic in overcoming the swift changes of social media and marketing. Jenna knew she had to adapt and immediately began to invest her time understanding branding, marketing, and web design from emerging leaders confronting the universal problem. With a mission to set herself apart from her competition, and with very much success, she unexpectedly found the new digital landscape of technology as a new frontier. In 2020, she explored her new curiosity by enrolling in a UX/UI bootcamp at Career Foundry to specialize in user experience and application design. Jenna combined her skillsets as a great communicator and problem solver and quickly found her investment in learning user experience to be the connecting dots that transitioned her into a new career.

After completing her education in UX/UI, Jenna continued her development by leading a national salon suite franchise as digital marketing manager for 120+ locations. While consulting franchisees, she once again found a gap with business owners struggling to accomplish the facets of branding and marketing. In 2022, Jenna founded Bragghaus LLC with a mission to help ambitious small business owners overcome their makeshift efforts by getting to the core of their frustration, and providing strategic solutions in the eco-system of technology, eye-catching branding, and effective marketing.

How a career in the beauty industry evolved into design & tech...



Salon Owner

Opened and managed a salon for 7 years by developing converting marketing funnels with websites, professional branding, and marketing strategy.


International Educator + Creative Director

Traveled as an educator across the states to Lisbon, Portugal. Styled for published photoshoots and directed marketing campaings.


Application + Web Design School

Enrolled in an extensive bootcamp to learn application and web design.


Digital Marketing Manager

Consulted 120+ locations on social media management and branding for a national franchise.


Bragghaus LLC

Created Bragghaus to help small business owners overcome their makeshift efforts to establish long-term growth.

The Core Values of

Core values are essential to how I do business. Each value was created through brand strategy with the intention to build foundations on a digital landscape for startups and small business owners so they can scale long-term.


Work smart, relate, and have purpose.


Obstacles present opportunities.


Stand out with confidence.


Everyone deserves the experience.


This is your brand, let's make it happen.


Transparency grows partnerships.