with the core necessities.


So you know your business from the inside out....

A Brand Bible is like a secret weapon that sets serious brands apart from ominous wanna-be's who typically bring unease to clients with their make-shift aesthetic. This bible is a set of guidelines, visual identity, and strategy that provides a clear direction for your business and ensures consistency across all your marketing efforts.

In addition, you'll have a solid foundation to build your brand upon, and you'll be able to create marketing materials, social media posts, and other branded assets with ease, saving you time and money and creating culture within.

This powerful asset set comes with the option of additional training and template creation services so you'll have the support you need to ensure your team follows the guidelines and helps your brand thrive.

Bragghaus is about loving what you created– shine some light on your hard earned business and let it become a force to be reckoned with!

Brand Guidelines

Visual Identity

Marketing Strategy

Brand Bible Photo


Showcase your brand's personality and steer from cliché

Establish credibility with a well-designed and technically sound website that has seamless user experience and improves communication.

Your customers have high expectations and with a site that is polished and branded compared to other businesses that don't find it important - you will win their trust. Plus, your website will be optimized for search engines and mobile, ensuring that your site is ADA compliant and reaches your audience.

Think of a website as a brick and mortar on a digital landscape. How would you want it to look and feel? What would you like to experience visiting your brand? This is your business, don't let all of the hard work you put in not get the exposure and foundation it deserves.

Branded Web Design

Webflow Hosting

Landing Pages

Each service is fully customizable so you can benefit from:

Each service is fully customizable so you can benefit from:

Customer Loyalty
Established Brand Credibility
Attracting New Clientele
Enhanced User Experience
Clear + On- Brand Marketing
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If you have any questions feel free to inquire and I'll happily answer your questions.

How long does a website take?
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Great question, but there is not one answer. Every website comes with their own set of needs and functionality. To give a broad answer; a landing page can take 1-2 weeks as a custom website at minimum takes 4 weeks or much more.

Do you do payment plans?
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A 50% installment is required to begin every project. Once the project is finished the 2nd installment is due before handoff. Please note that if the project is cancelled by the client anytime after the initiation, an hourly rate is due for any hours contributed to the creation of the project.

Can I change content on my website?
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You have the option to change content on the editor side. Essentially it means you can change copy or photos and it will not disrupt the structure of the site. If you decide to use another developer I can hand over the code and you may do as you wish.

Can I host my own website?
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It is not advised. Webflow has powerful hosting capabilities. Yet, you can host your own website, it will require you to upload the code, so if you need to make changes I do not make changes and go back and forth to send new code.

How much involvement do your services require?
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Communication and organization is key. Every project has its own requirements and usually requires a multitude of assets; ie. logos, photos, etc. I like to think the beginning of every project requires the most involvement to get started so be prepared.