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Their Story

Starting in the historic Castro District of San Francisco, Daddy's Barbershop was born as a renowned gay owned and operated barbershop. As their popularity grew, they branched out to Palm Springs, and Austin, Texas with the intention to keep expanding. However, their previous branding and website needed a redesign and migration to stand up to the test of time. With expansion in mind, their new website was built with a newly branded look that now dominates their market and wins them oustanding publicity.

The original branding and website wasn’t showcasing their unique story

Although there were visual elements from the barbershop, the site was cluttered and lacked legibility.

Website before refresh
Paying homage to their first home in the Castro District was the distinct moment that inspired their brand refresh.
By pulling elements from vintage posters and custom artwork, we were able to develop a visual consistency that captured Daddy's involvement in the queer community.
website section redesign
Improved user experience on desktop and mobile was key for booking appointments.
By leveraging primary black that Daddy's had in their previous branding, we created a complimentary contrast that increased legibility.
Laptop Mockup of new website
Mobile mockup of new website

Happy owners. Happy clients. Front page of the Austin Chronicle.

After a complete overhaul and surprising news that the owners made 2 publications in a matter of days, the only thing left to do was celebrate.